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Taiheiyo, SEDC fete scholars, expand program


SAN FERNANDO, Cebu (June 14, 2014)Taiheiyo Cement Philippines, Inc. (TCPI) honored today its college and high school scholars who are all residents of this host town.

Jeramel Lariosa Geralde

Jeramel Lariosa Geralde

They are led by the company’s last five college graduates — Jeramel Lariosa Geralde, who also passed the licensure exams for Certified Public Accountants (CPA), with Gina S. Embolode, Reyvin G. Dorig, Rutchiel Geraldizo and Geraldine Gorre.

TCPI now has six scholars who completed college. The first was Donalyn A. Tambacan, 20, of Greenhills, who graduated cum laude at University of San Jose – Recoletos (USJR) with a degree in Bachelors of Science (BS) in Management Accounting. She has pursued Law while at work.

Donalyn A. Tambacan

Donalyn A. Tambacan

TCPI and its materials supplier, Solid Earth Development Corp. (SEDC), earlier added three new college and 12 new high school scholars for the concluding school year under a joint Social Development Management Program (SDMP).

Both companies now maintain 62 scholars, 14 in college and 48 in high school.

Geralde, 21, of Tonggo, a pioneering scholar since high school, led the second batch of college graduates. He graduated cum laude at USJR with a degree in BS in Accountancy. He was no. 517 in the list of those who passed the August 2014 CPA licensure examinations.

Gina Seton Embolode

Gina Seton Embolode

Embolode of Tañañas finished BS Management Accounting, while Dorig of Magsico earned a degree in BS Computer Engineering, Major in Mechatronics. Both joined TCPI with Dorig as desktop support staff, and Embolode an accounting staff.

Geraldizo and Gorre also finished cum laude in BS Accounting at USJR.

TCPI and SEDC challenged their latest college scholars to finish better than those who have already graduated. All enrolled at USJR, they include high school scholar Ted Frances Canonigo Servano of South Poblacion who graduated from Notre Dame Academy and now enrolled in BA Communication.

Geraldine Gorre with parents.

Geraldine Gorre with parents.

The two others are Rodrigo Saronio Jerosalem of Balud, first honorable mention of Balud National High School now taking up BS Computer Engineering; and Lyxen Marcos Fano of Greenhills, the first honorable mention of Sangat National High School.

TCPI president and CEO Satoshi Asami personally welcomed them into the program with SEDC director Takehito Oga and TCPI senior vice presidents (SVP) Seiichi Nakamura and Takahiko Imachi.

Since 2005

TCPI and SEDC started their secondary scholarship program in 2005, and introduced the tertiary program by 2009. There are 12 high school scholars in every batch, each representing the 12 barangays where both firms operate in San Fernando. The college scholars are chosen at large.

SEDC's Emylita B. Ortega

SEDC‘s Emylita B. Ortega

The companies assume the cost of their tuition, basic educational expenses and daily needs, according to Emylita Ortega, SEDC division manager for administration and human resources who manages the scholarship program.

Nakamura, SVP for operations and plant manager, described the program as a means to “empower the next generation, giving them the chance to make a difference.” “The brightest minds should be given the chance to shine, regardless of financial circumstance,” he pointed out.

Imachi, SVP for administration and marketing, declared that TCPI with SEDC will ensure the scholars will finish the program as young professionals, “ready to shine and able to embrace divergent perspectives and be confident to welcome challenges.”

SEDC director Oga advised the scholars to become role models, pointing out that “determination, hardwork and patience are the traits which you have to exercise to be successful.” “Also, think of what you can contribute to your community,” he added.

Ted Frances Canonigo Servano

Ted Frances Canonigo Servano

On behalf of the new scholars, Servano said they will not fail TCPI and SEDC of their expectation and be diligent with their studies. “We are overwhelmed of the privilege of free education. We value this and we are very grateful of your help,” he said.

The scholars

Other than Servano, the sixth batch of scholars who graduated high school this year include Anna Mae L. Paner of Basak, Michael P. Paradero of Bugho, Angelica G. Pacquiao of Cabatbatan, Desiderio L. Abella, Jr. of Ilaya, Keryll O. Manugas of Magsico, Lyca Ann Rose B. Selma of Panadtaran, Beverly S. Alicaway of Tabionan, Caren H. Canoy of Tañañas, Christine Jane S. Enerlas of Tinubdan, and Ariel V. Respecio of Tonggo.

Meanwhile, the 12 new high school scholars include Jienesa A. Canoy of Basak, Dave B. Paradero of Bugho, Jhea Clarise P. Catacutan of Cabatbatan, Mary Irene P. Segovia of Ilaya, Lachsme P. Generalao of Magsico, Sarah Mae G. Canoy of North Poblacion, Aica D. Antecristo of Panadtaran, John Carlo E. Tubalado of South Poblacion, Gerald D. Generalao of Tabionan, Gladys S. Embolode of Tañañas, John Kenneth T. Alicaway of Tinubdan, and Kane B. Omamalin of Tonggo.

TCPI and SEDC also awarded certificates of recognition to the first honors among the secondary scholars, as: Divine May G. Pegarido, Grade 8, Ryzel Y. Paradero, 3rd year, and Paner, 4th year, all at Magsico National High School (NHS).

There are also Karla T. Castillo, Grade 8, and Enerlas, 4th year, both at Notre Dame Academy; Crystal Ann I. Bontilao, Grade 7, at Balud NHS; and Febie Jade G. Geraldizo, 3rd year, at San Fernando NHS.

Meanwhile, the TCPI-SEDC collegiate scholarship program hopes to see Embolode’s batchmates graduate this school year. They are Rutchiel Mae G. Geraldizo of South Poblacion and Geraldine P. Gorre of Magsico, all of whom took BS Accountancy at USJR.

Now in their fourth year at USJR are Karen Dave G. Mamugay of North Poblacion and Vincent Nie R. Villarin of Pitalo, who took BS Accountancy, and Gabriel V. Canque, also of Pitalo who took BS Mechanical Engineering.

Also enrolled in their third year are Christy C. Paypa of Magsico and Juana Panilagan of Cabatbatan, who have taken BS Accountancy at USJ-R, and Deniel Jireh Corpuz of North Poblacion who took BS Mining Engineering at CIT University.

In their second year are Johanna A. Sacal and Rhendi G. Catulpos, both of Pitalo and studying at USJR, respectively taking up BS Education (Major in English) and BS Mechanical Engineering; and Mary Luchille G. Lapuz of Greenhills, who took BS Mining Engineering at CIT-U.


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