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Nissan Almera is Pinoys’ global ‘People’s Car’


Cebu dealer offers P19,900 all-in downpayment

CEBU CITY (Feb. 11, 2015)Affordability, superior quality and proven performance are factors most people seek in a sedan, especially for those who would own a car for the first time. These characteristics are inherent in Nissan Almera.

Much more now that Nissan Cebu Distributors, Inc. offers the car with an all-in downpayment at only P19,900.00 based on 15 percent downpayment.

“Owning a Nissan Almera is now a breeze,” declared Julie Sy Tio, general manager of the local Nissan distributor, as she announced the company’s special promotion to welcome the Year of the Wood Goat (Sheep).

Should the Almera buyer opt to pay at 20 percent as downpayment of the car, Nissan Cebu will assume the first two months of amortization payments, subject to bank approval, Tio disclosed.

The Almera is Nissan’s best-selling global sedan, first introduced two years ago with the best in class for cabin space that no other sedan in its category could equal until this date.

The roomy sub-compact sedan has a spacious trunk that perfectly fit a growing family and all the things that family members haul around.

Nissan Almera also has a cockpit that gives additional comfort from responsive controls. The interior is ergonomically designed with rounded edges that are complemented by soft touch materials and a simple yet pleasing dashboard.

Passengers can relish standout features like rear ventilation grilles and cup holders with arm rests. The car is indeed designed for those who cherish space and utility in a neatly packed vehicle for the family.


Furthermore, the Nissan Almera is noted for its safety and sensible design. It blends engine performance and unique aerodynamic profile that allows maximum fuel efficiency, unmatched by competitors in its category, plus the second-to-none airconditioning unique in Nissan vehicles.

As global Nissan is steadfast about, Nissan Cebu is committed to great customer service that in part earned Nissan Philippines, Inc. the No. 1 spot in the J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2014 Philippines Customer Service Index (CSI) for after-sales service among new vehicle owners.

Of the 10 brands and 63 vehicle models audited last year, Nissan emerged as the leader, performing particularly well in four of five factors – service quality, service advisor, vehicle pick-up and service initiation.

Perkin Yap, head of Service operations at Nissan Cebu, committed to even perform better this year and aim higher than the 844 points the Nissan system earned, 18-points higher than the industry average of 826 for over-all customer satisfaction.

In addressing upcoming Nissan vehicle buyers, Yap said: “Nissan Cebu will back you up every step of the way from your purchase and ensuring you that you will be catered beyond your expectations.”

Discover more about Nissan Almera and Nissan Cebu’s kind of service by visiting the Nissan Cebu showroom in Maguikay, Mandaue City, about 100 meters from the flyover along M.L. Quezon St., or call (032) 346-0350.



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