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Nissan Cebu launches all-new 2015 Nissan Navara



MANDAUE CITY (Feb. 16, 2015)Nissan Cebu Distributors, Inc. will launch on Friday (Feb. 20) the all-new compact truck — the 2015 Nissan NP300 Navara — at SM City Cebu rotunda.

Nissan Philippines Inc. (NPI) first launched the latest edition of the Nissan pick-up at Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Manila last Feb 2, the first among 180 countries worldwide that Nissan Motor Corp. would introduce the Nissan Navara commercially outside Japan.

The 2015 Navarra combines toughness with attractive design and smart interior, an innovation in response to customers demand for comfort, modern styling and attention to details on top of durability, reliability and practical performance.

Mamoro Aoki

Mamoro Aoki

“Nissan has been innovating in the compact pick-up market since 1935. This is part of our history,” notes Mamoro Aoki, executive design director of Nissan Motor Corp.of Japan.

The Nissan NP300 Navara boasts of its very solid vehicle structure with wider fender and big tires.

“It’s fundamentally a tough car, but its design treatment is very dynamic and modern,” noted Aoki.

Smart pick-up

While Nissan engineers recognized that customers today demand for comfort, they realized that comfort in any condition or situation is not so easy. They had to test the Navara in various terrains and road conditions to develop what is now the NP300 model.

NPI president and managing director Antonio Zara, meanwhile, notes that the interior of the 2015 Navara better reflects the smart aspects of the car.

Antonio Zara

Antonio Zara

“It is not only comfortable and spacious, but it’s also easy to understand where to find and reach each feature,” he pointed out.

The car’s main use may be for work, but it may also be shared with the family during weekends, or used for fun with friends, noted Zara.

“Nissan NP300 Navarra is tough and smart. That’s the beauty of this pick-up,” he added.

As the first batch of shipment for Cebu and Bohol will arrive this week, Niissan Cebu has begun accepting reservations, disclosed its general manager Julie Sy Tio.

One may witness the 6PM launch on Feb. 20 at SM City Cebu rotunda, or visit now the Nissan Cebu showroom at M.L. Quezon St. in Maguikay, Mandaue City for detailed information, or call (032) 346-0350.

The website http://www.nissan.ph/en-PH/Vehicles/NP300_Navara.aspx also features the compact truck.



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