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Kamunggay-based tea drink now in Cebu

M2. The tea drink concentrate and the benefits of Moringa, kamunggay in Cebuano. The product of Nature Earth is now available at 67 Pharma and Smoothies at Ayala Center level three.

M2. The tea drink concentrate, a product of Nature Earth is now available at 67 Pharma and Smoothies at Ayala Center Cebu level three.

Nature Earth appoints 67 Pharma as Cebu distributor

CEBU CITY (June 20, 2015)Good news to health-conscious ones in Cebu, as well as those considering a shift to a healthier lifestyle.

M2 – Malunggay Ice Tea – the first vegetable ice tea in the Philippines, is here, readily available for you at any day as its makers, Nature Earth Corp., engaged a local dealer for a steady supply of the all farm-fresh vegetable concoction of malunggay, okra and luy-á .

This developed as Nature Earth appointed 67 Pharma as authorized distributor. It has an outlet at the ground floor of Gallardo bldg. on General Maxillom Ave., Cebu City.

Sweetened by muscavado, M2 is in concentrated form that can be mixed with cold ice water or can be enjoyed as hot tea, disclosed Zonito Torrevillas Tamase, president of Nature Earth.

“M2 is the most convenient way to take your daily vegetable requirement. It is easy to prepare. Just add four tablespoons of M2 in a glass of ice water and one kalamansi, your M2 is ready to serve,” said Tamase.

m2As vegetable, malunggay (moringa, kamunggay in Bisaya) contains 49 phyto-nutrients, such as calcium, iron, potassium and beta-carotene with 240 synergistic activities on the body, such as anti-fatigue, anti-hypertensive anti-tumor to name a few.
Its other ingredient ginger (luy-á) is widely used for the prevention of motion sickness, morning sickness and arthritis or rheumatism, while Okra is a good source of iron, calcium, manganese and magnesium that regulates and promotes a good immune system.

M2 is also a source of calcium, potassium, Iron and Vitamin A or beta carotene.

God’s gifts

“M2 is refreshing, delicious and nutritious drink that is enjoyed by kids and adults, especially kids who are not too fond of consuming vegetables during meals,” remarked Tamase, a former top executive of McDonald’s Philippines.

In nutritional medicine, Tamase noted that eating vegetables is important to maintain proper function of the digestive system, thus “giving life to the fullest, enjoying God’s gifts.”

“We are excited to bring M2 to Cebu through 67 Pharma,” quipped Jojo Tamase, CEO of Nature Earth.

“We believe that by taking this initiative to bring across Visayas from Manila will raise the awareness that we have a healthier option to make when it comes to drinking ice tea,” he added,

M2 is FDA approved and loved by many who have tasted the natural brewed vegetables. The public will have the chance to taste M2 on June 29 in Smoothies located at the 3rd level of Ayala Center Cebu, and purchase them from 67 Pharma.

One may call 253-7053 or 255-8014 for more information, or check it online at http://natureearthcorp.wix.com/natureearth#!healthy-drinks/cpzd.

M2 flyer on OLX

M2 flyer on OLX


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