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Cebu Landmasters all set to build Base Line Center

Site concept for Base Line Center.

Site concept for Base Line Center.

Project to ‘bring out the future look today’

CEBU CITY (July 1, 2015)Cebu Landmasters, Inc. (CLI) is set to develop its newest project in the heart of the city at a neighborhood that stands as a landmark for the Cebuanos, the Base Line Center.

From a former recreational and sports facility over the past few decades, Base Line Center will have four towers that will be built in two phases, disclosed Jose Franco B. Soberano, chief operating officer of the company.

Base Line Residences

Base Line Residences

This development comes in the heels of the completion of Baseline Residences located adjacent towards the south of Base Line Center on Juana Osmeña St.

The first two towers at Base Line Center that will be named Base Line HQ and Base Line Premier will be built in Phase 1 with a commercial area that will feature a grocery store and food and retail outlets surrounded by alfresco areas, he added.

Base Line HQ will be a 21-storey office condo, a better option for those who seek the advantage of operating in the heart of the city.

With the third to the eighth floors meant for offices, the ninth floor and the succeeding levels have been designated for condotel units that will be operated as serviced residences. Both offices and residences will have separate lobby access.

Base Line Premier, on the other hand, will be a 27-storey residential condominium designed with contemporary architecture to maximize the best views of midtown Cebu with the units designed for flexible interior configuration.


Base Line Center, an artist's view.

Base Line Center, an artist’s view.

Base Line Center will be the only modern hub midtown close to Cebu City Hall and Cebu Capitol as well as to commercial establishments, universities, hospitals and churches within just a kilometer radius.

“Base Line Center is meant for what will be the way of living in the near future,” quipped Brian Mayol, CLI marketing manager, adding: “We now see the future look today.”

It is designed to be aesthetically unique to reflect a modern environmentally friendly look. Careful consideration is placed in the site’s developmental plan with the company providing multiple access points to create efficient vehicle and pedestrian circulation.

An interior road looping around the property ensures convenience and easy access to the three drop off points. These three drop off areas provide independent and quick access to the residential, office, serviced residences, or commercial areas while ensuring privacy and security.

Mature trees surrounding the property are prudently preserved and integrated into the design landscape to maintain its natural green charm and steady appeal.

This is supplemented by employing horizontal landscaping and vertical green walls, including water features around and within the property to provide an enjoyable and inviting atmosphere that connects each visitor and occupant with nature.

COO Franco Soberano

COO Franco Soberano


The building employs contemporary architecture using elements that integrates its history and its character with its modern and unique look. One noticeable exterior design feature are the sky gardens that provide a functional open space for the residents to enjoy and create an accent to its repeating forms and clean straight lines that commemorates the property’s history.

The generous glass façade of the retail and office areas provide optimum natural lighting and give maximum visual connection to the people within and around the area, inviting more opportunities for each one to enjoy.

Overall the development is designed to provide solutions to a modern city with each independent tower to serve its own occupant and to live up to its historical significance while maintaining its tradition as a center for the local community.

Old Baseline on Juana Osmeña St.

Old Baseline on Juana Osmeña St.

“At Base Line, Cebuanos can proudly live, work and thrive,” quipped Soberano.

For inquiries, all CLI at 262-9861 to 65 or 414-5901, or send an email to sales@cebulandmasters.com. You could also visit online at http://www.cebulandmasters.com.


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