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Filinvest statement about continued flooding at SRP

SRP in Cebu City as of May 15, 2015

SRP in Cebu City as of May 15, 2015

CEBU CITY (July 9, 2015)

Filinvest is deeply concerned about the drainage problem at SRP. This has affected practically all investments in the area.

With incidents experienced over the past four years, we expect DPWH and the Cebu City Government to have already taken measures to prevent and better mitigate flooding, one that anticipates more volume of rainfall and run-off waters in the coming years.

We understand that this is a universal problem, at least in Metro Cebu, and that government also needs to attend to other areas.

We call on our Leaders, both local and national, in collaboration with the private sector, to seriously address the issue and come up with a truly problem-solving Drainage Master Plan.

Filinvest is willing to support the technical working group to develop the Master Plan, as we urge government to allocate resources and implement it sooner than the public expects.

Meanwhile, the property management teams of Filinvest at all its developments in Cebu have adopted procedures to address run-off waters with standby pumps to hasten the outflow.

Allan Go Alfon
Vice President
Filinvest Land, Inc.

Cover message to the Editor:

Good day!

On behalf of Filinvest Land Inc., we issue this following statement that concerns the subject. The company had written the SRP management for the 3rd time last Monday 7/06, as attached, about the same issue that you could further quote from.

We purposely blurred some portions as these are more internal matter.

In the interest of the public and the stakeholders at SRP, we issue this statement.

Daghang salamat!

Cerwin T. Eviota
PR / Communication Consultant
Filinvest Land, Inc.



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