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‘Townhouse advantage’ w/ Portville Prime, Navona

Portville Prime townhouses.

Portville Prime townhouses.

TOWNHOUSE living gives residents lots of advantages, especially nowadays when owning a single-detached home may be far from one’s financial reach.

Much more if you have one singularly built for yourself even in a suburban area in the metropolis if none of those built by developers suits you.

The best option for those who practice their profession or undertake their trade in the city would be to acquire, own and live in a townhouse built in a vibrant modern community.

You can get a lot of the same stuff in a townhouse that you can find in a regular free-standing house but yet at a more attainable price, including the upkeep of your immediate surroundings.

Being part of a townhouse community who are in relatively the same status and upbringing could mean that neighbors are more likely to know one another, and be more interactive, cooperative and even helpful.

This works well for those who travel often, or those who need to leave at home kids or seniors who may need some assistance, or even just to ask someone to occasionally watch over one’s home while everyone is away.

More than the land where your townhouse stands, you still have more land space for your garage and a yard for a garden just enough especially for a busy person to keep.

These are just the basic benefits a family gets in opting for a new home at Portville Prime in northern Mactan and Navona at the southern end, both subdivisions of 2-storey Asian-themed townhouses for middle-class families in Cebu.

Navona. Save for a few more finishing touches, this bloc of townhouses at Navona in Johndorf Communities Calawisan will be ready for turnover to their homeowners.

Navona. Save for a few more finishing touches, this bloc of townhouses at Navona in Johndorf Communities Calawisan will be ready for turnover to their homeowners.


Launched in February this year, Johndorf Ventures Corp. (JVC) aims to sell out the remaining 30 percent inventory of the 206 units at Portville Prime located at the boundaries of Bankal and Buaya along Mactan Airport Road before the year ends.

The company also aims to start turning over tranche-1 units this month at Navona, which is situated within Johndorf Communities, a master development of five subdivisions and a commercial hub in Calawisan.

According to sales and marketing manager Michele Chiu – Bacungan, JVC sells Navona townhomes for an average of P1.5 million a unit, while a townhouse at Portville Prime that stands on bigger lots with more floor area is pegged at an average of P1.6 million.

MISCH Chiu-Bacungam, JVC sales and marketing manager


Would-be homeowners have the option to finance their townhouses with Pag-IBIG or Home Mutual Development Fund (HMDF), or by banks where the projects are accredited with, Bacungan disclosed.

Johndorf undertook the two separate subdivision projects with the aim of providing the Cebu market better choices for living in a safe-gated livable community that value-driven homeowners aspire for.

Both projects have been positioned for start-up families of emerging professionals and entrepreneurs, yet they have been preferred choices among overseas Filipino workers.

As JVC builds up the character of being “Always There” to customers, it has organized a team that would respond to homeowners needs before the subdivision associations are set up, and concerns the organization could not address.

One may contact an accredited broker or visit the Johndorf office at the 14th floor of Ayala Life – FGU Center across Ayala Center Cebu for inquiries, or find needed information on Facebook or at http://www.johndorfventures.com.ph/.

The locations of the 2 Johndorf subdivisions in Mactan Island as shown on Google Earth on March10, 2016.

The locations of the 2 Johndorf subdivision of Asian-themed townhouses in Mactan Island as shown on Google Earth as of March 10, 2016.


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