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Solid Earth supports education in San Fernando with needed supplies

SCHOOLS in San Fernando got the needed boost in educating its students with the various equipment and supplies Solid Earth Development Corp. (SEDC) provided them as school year 2017-2018 got on stream.
G - School kits
The company provided computer laboratories of Magsico National High School (NHS) and Tubod NHS with three high-speed desktop computers each, and provided 344 Grade 1 pupils in all schools with school kits each.
A - New Computers
The kits packed in a specially-made SEDC back-pack contained assorted school supplies, according to Mitzie Almira I. Carin, SEDC division manager for human resources and administration.

These include nine writing notebooks, a Grade 1 pad paper, pencil, sharpener, eraser, illustration board, long plastic with brown envelope, spelling booklet, drawing book, ruler and glue.
C - First Aid
SEDC also replenished the first aid supplies in 13 elementary schools in the municipality and the NHS of San Fernando, Magsico and Tubod, Carin disclosed.

Contained in new first aid boxes, the supplies included plastic strips (Band-aid), gauze pads, alcohol, betadine wound solution, burn ointment, skin ointment and medicines for colds, hyperacidity, fever and pain relievers.B - First Aid & Paints

The company also helped last summer in the repair and improvement of classrooms and other structures in eight schools by providing latex and enamel paint and painting accessories as trays and roller brushes.
D - Paints
Also, as the previous school year ended last March, SEDC awarded 2,435 medals to outstanding students in nine NHSs, 22 public elementary schools and 26 day care centers.

“It has been the commitment of Solid Earth to support the education of children in our host communities, help improve the means and facilities to educate them, and provide those who deserve access to better education,” said Carin.

F - School kits



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