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NEIGHBORHOOD ♦ Samsam Visits, Lauds Taiheiyo for Social Development Programs

Samsam visits, lauds Taiheiyo for social development programs –

REP. Gerald Anthony “Samsam” V. Gullas, Jr. visited the manufacturing plant of Taiheiyo Cement Philippines, Inc. as well the mining and portoperations of Solid Earth Development Corp. (SEDC) in San Fernando, Cebu.

He expressed gratitude for his constituents for the social development programs both companies have been undertaking, and noted he is pleased of what he had learned, giving him a wider perspective of the operations in heavy industries.

A - Samsam with TCPI's Ichizawa-2
TCPI plant manager Kazuhiko Ichizawa, current senior vice president for operations who will shortly assume as president and CEO, accompanied the representative of Cebu’s first congressional district during the 2-hour visit.

SEDC director and chief technical adviser Hiroyuki Sakakibara and TCPI vice president for administration Shigeki Koide joined as they brought Gullas to the SEDClimestone quarry in Tonggo up the hills behind the TCPI plant.

They then led the young congressman to the kiln, central control room and quality testing laboratory at the plant, and proceeded to the wharf to observe the handling of cement bags for distribution to various points in Luzon, the Visayan islands and Mindanao.

Ichizawa and Sakakibara reiterated to Gullas the commitment of the corporations they lead to the growth and development of San Fernando, and the rest of Cebu, and continue to contribute to nation building.

B - Samsam with SEDC's Sakakibara-2
TCPI produces 2.4 million tons of cement a year, filling in some nine percent of the country’s annual demand for cement of over 26 million tons a year as of 2016, providing the market with cement brands as Grand Portland, Grand Pozzolan, Grand Premium and Grand Masonry.


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