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About Us

CTE Public Relations
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Full-circleWe are a full-circle service-oriented agency based in Cebu City that has been operating for some 22 years now in the Visayas and Mindanao. A company set up and managed by former journalist and veteran practitioner Cerwin T. Eviota, it has since served over 50 clients, many of which have retained the agency for quite a number of years.

His 7-year stint with Media makes him effective in dealing with the Fourth Estate as he knows well the psyche and character of the industry. Coupled with his background in Industrial Psychology, he easily creates synergy for clients with government functionaries, community leaders and other stakeholders.

ConsultancyCTE expanded its consultancy from just PR and Marketing to other lines in serving clients on matters that concern Human Resources, Organizational Development, and Social Engineering, an innovation that gives more essence and value in Corporate Social Responsibility.

The company recently pooled in consultants, experts noted to have been very successful in their respective fields of expertise, to further expand its line-up of Services to Management Systems and Good Governance.

Our Role

AdvisorCTE serves as your Advisor. As consultant, we study, plan, implement and evaluate with you a comprehensive program that our services could address, aligned with your corporate and marketing objectives.

Your Benefit

We provide you with hands-on management that assure you faster and more focused implementation as well as on-the-spot decision on normal-to-critical circumstances.

You are guaranteed hassle-free and personalized service with first-hand, reliable feedback and results. With us, you could lighten your load and shift focus to other equally important concerns of your organization.

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