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PR ♦ Communication

Corporate Communication

Communication is important for any organization to convey well its messages – that carry its character – to every stakeholder, whether internal as investors, employees, suppliers and resellers; or external as customers, regulators, competitors, surrounding community, the general public and the channels for your messages.

CommunicationThe strategies and approaches to take with every stakeholder in orchestrating the communication program must reflect the character of the company with coherence, credibility as well as ethics.

We will develop this for you and help you execute, be it for branding and building of organizational identity and reputation, or in managing issues and crisis situations that demonstrate corporate responsibility.

Publicity Management

A means to build reputation and create awareness, it keeps you and / or your product / services in the limelight through the mainstream and social media, primarily through press releases programmed at least on a quarterly basis.

publicity1We prepare, conduct interviews when needed, and facilitate the release of the news and feature materials, present the articles that pass the standards of editors, and monitor their publication.

Social Media Communication

The landscape of both mass and inter-personal communication dramatically changed over the past decade.

Social MediaMuch more over just the past three years when social media portals as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become potent tools for building personal and commercial reputation, and in broadcasting and stimulating messages interactively in real time online.

We will develop and execute for you an integrated and consistent program to maximize these web-based and mobile technologies to promote (or defend) your causes or business objectives.

Publication Management

Despite the advent of the internet and the social media, publications remain an important tool for specific purposes and targeted audiences.

PublicationsYet, the printed versions can also have digital counterparts – Portable Document Format (.pdf), online publishing that may use and be anchored on WordPress, and the ePaper format.

We will organize and manage your publications and help you produce every issue in both traditional and new age formats.

PR ♦ Critical Communication

Issues Management

If a stakeholder goes out of hand, that’s a crisis. Any incident that affects one’s reputation, or the production or sale of a product or service is a predicament. It becomes a PR crisis if it goes out openly in public.

issues managementEcological issues against industries or developers, neighbors complaining against the plant of a manufacturer, and government officials or consumers raising hell against a company or its product are some.

We makes sure you take pro-active rather than reactive stance to an issue, work to contain or prevent it from being blown out of proportion, and help you in “healing wounds” after.

Then we move towards putting in place a Preventive Strategy, the better way to intervene in a crisis. If there’s none yet, let’s start now.

Perception Management

As Marketing is winning competition in the consumers’ mind (even before the market place), perception towards an entity or a product is essential, even crucial, as it drives motivation and influences behavior, especially in making choices.

perceptions managementAs part of image-building and to achieve some aspired packaging, efforts may include truth projection and special approaches that may either be subtle or compelling to shape the desired character.

Through Strategic Planning, we will develop a program that will manage and project how you desire specific audiences would perceive yourself, your company, service or product.

Reputation Management

When perception of an individual, company, brand or any other entity gets stained, reputation will need critical reparation with the issues, conjectures or propaganda being contained and managed over reasonable time.

This applies in real and virtual realms.

reputationHere, whether there are issues with perception or none, online reputation needs to be built if one seeks to rank high if not top in search engines, especially the current No. 1 Google, is desired.

We will plan, organize the team and execute a program to build the reputation of your online portal/s, especially to generate leads that you could further work on and convert into sales using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other techniques.

Scenario Management

The 1st of Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People underscores the value of being Proactive in a way that maximizes the Space between Stimulus and Response. Military Science also underlines the need to predict, preempt and address situations to act decisively on conditions that may come and prevail.

In your operations, it is essential for you to act appropriately in circumstances that can be anticipated. It pays for your organization to expect situations and do so with the collaboration of your own people and the community, especially if your operations are critical to your hosts and the environment, and other stakeholders.

Anchored on intelligence (gathered information) and based on social, technical, economic, environmental, and political (STEEP) trends, we will animate and work with your trusted team from Strategic Planning to execution. It may include simulated scenarios that would broaden the mindsets of policy planners and decision makers.


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