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Human Resources

Organizational Development

You may be a start-up company or an existing one but needs to change to organize better and to influence and motivate employees.

These you need to improve Performance, allow Innovations, improve your capacity to Solve Problems, as well as manage Future Change, enhance Productivity and (more importantly) increase your Bottom-Line.

OrgDevWe will facilitate your team through a process that will include some Diagnostics, re/definition of your Vision, Mission, Objectives as well as Corporate Philosophy that will set the Culture and Climate within your organization, re/delineate Strategies, and establish a new Tactical Action Plan.

The Action Plan may include a Timeline of execution the process will determine, the People responsible for every task or objective, the Budget needed to realize it, as well as a system for Monitoring and a Feedback mechanism and continually evaluate the progress.

Preparing or improving your organization will allow you to adopt to rapidly changing and complex environments through organizational learning, knowledge management and transformation of organizational norms and values.

Training & Development

Diverse People and Training Concepts

Training builds your team, improves performance and increases your company’s productivity that boosts your bottom-line.

We will fill-in the void and conduct the necessary interventions through training based on your people’s need. If you have none, we can do the necessary Training Needs Analysis to come up with a more responsive Training program.

We have a line-up of Trainers and experts in different fields that we could tap to conduct the Trainings your company needs.

Recruitment ♦ Head-Hunting

Human resources and CRMOn a case to case basis, we can head hunt for you to find the best person to fill in a critical position.

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