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Strategic Marketing

Strategic MarketingHow do you plan your Marketing Strategy using the Marketing Mix – Product • Place • Price • Promotion? To come up with the right mix and be effective with it, the strategy needs to be anchored with enough information for a factual analysis.

We will guide and facilitate your Marketing team to do the right intelligence gathering and conduct the appropriate market study, process the information in a workshop, and develop the strategies; and further work with your team in executing tactical approaches.

Business Development

Business DevelopmentOpportunities come. Such need analytical preparation that must be pursued in a careful process for the project to achieve long-term value with logistics support and monitoring of the implementation.

As a marketing tactic, key for success, among others, are the market or feasibility study, branding, advanced marketing, accounts management, sales programming, and building relations with partners and target customers.

Our role will be to tackle these with your team during the development phase and support the same during the implementation phase, including the production of collaterals.

Lead Generation & Sales Conversion

Lead GenerationThere will always have more than one way to skin a cat. This is true in generating leads and in converting these into sales for your product or service. But it depends on the givens and the circumstances.

We will study and analyze with your sales team the most efficient means to generate leads vis a vis your operations that would have the higher probability in converting them to sales or client patronage – from traditional means to the use of new technologies.

Market Research ♦ Study

Market Research

A Marketing Plan can be deeply-rooted and its corresponding Communications program effective if anchored on market realities generated and properly analyzed from a well-dug research.

We will organize and roll out a scientific study for you, analyze the results and present recommendations.

Competitive Monitoring

To win a battle, you have to know your enemy. In marketing, one can never come up with a good plan if the strength and movements of the (main) competitor/s are not considered.Mann mit Fernglas hält Ausschau

Although limited to the competitors’ parallel PR ♦ Marketing moves, we will monitor these and provide you with needed inputs to improve or update your Marketing initiatives. We can go as far as doing economic intelligence work.

Marketing Communication

Advertising & Promotion

A Marketing plan needs to be communicated, creatively.

AdPromoWe will plan your campaign from conceptualization, to production, placement, monitoring and post-campaign evaluation. If you have one, as we know better the psyche of the consumers in Vis-Min, we can support your Manila-based ad agency.

Meanwhile, incentives and come-ons help move products. They entice consumers to avail of a service or purchase a product. We will develop and implement Sales Promotions programs attuned to your Marketing Plan.

Collateral Production

marketing collateralBranding and sales work need visuals and audio-visual tools. These bring out a consistent and coherent message. They also project the character and personality of the company and the product or service it promotes.

These marketing collaterals may be in the form of a comprehensive portfolio, an impressive brochure, an informative leaflet, an attractive flyer, mind-stimulating banners and compelling video presentations that have online digital versions for website and social media marketing.

Attuned to your Marketing objectives, we will facilitate the conceptualization and production of these materials.

Events Marketing

events marketingActivities help sell a product.

At least they tell the market that such a product is available in town.

Conventions & seminars, parties, exhibits & trade fairs, concerts & shows, parades & motorcades, etc., market products and services.

We will organize the event you need to meet your marketing objectives, or facilitate for your involvement in an event whose participants or spectators belong to the target market of your products.

Internet Marketing

Social Media Marketing

social media marketingThe Digital Age got revolutionized at the turn of the decade, especially over the past three years when Social Media portals, coupled with Mobile Communication, have become potent tools to market products and services.

Leading portals include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Still in contention are Vimeo, Flickr, Tumblr, Google + and LinkedIn, while emerging apps include Pinterest, Buffer, SumoMe and some 50 more, as MySpace has made a comeback.

We will develop an integrated program for you to maximize and optimize these portals to promote your products and services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEODo you want your company or product website rank well when searched with certain key words in Google, Bing and Yahoo! as well as in MSN, Excite, AltaVista, Lycos, AOL, Ask and About?

Your website needs ingredients –algorithms – for these search engines to notice and rank it, and subsequently increase its visibility. Words and Titles in your site matter, as well as Links from others sites and blogs that recommend it as good on the subject matter one searches for.

Incidentally, Search Engines can detect bogus sites and blogs and determine which are trustworthy. Google launched Panda in 2011, Penguin in 2012 and Hummingbird in 2013 to intercept bogus and untrustworthy sites and articles created by Black Hat SEO.

We will organize and orchestrate SEO for your website.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEMBeyond SEO is SEM. It involves online advertising that may be pursued through impressions of advertisements at pre-selected sites or pay-per-click services, among others, to generate the desired leads for customer acquisition.

We will manage SEM for your website.

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