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Stakeholder Relations

stakeholdersCustomers, people in media, government and your industry, and the community are your stakeholders. They have separate particular interests in your operations anchored on their calling.

They also include your customers, stockholders, employees, suppliers, dealers and distributors, competitors, their families, and people-with-interest or enterprising groups who take opportunity (even advantage) with the potentials inherent in your operations.

We will help you build relations with key stakeholders – especially the critical ones, keep good rapport with them, and handle any problem that may arise when certain stakeholders get out of hand.

Media Relations

Publicity, more often than not, is not effective without establishing goodwill and subsequently a relationship with the professional media, both mainstream and (when necessary) in the virtual realm.

MedRelWe will serve as your bridge with those who hold influence and make decisions in Media, with whom we maintain mutual respect, those they assign at the frontlines and those given special assignments; and maintain liaisons with them in your behalf.

We will further nurture with you your acquaintance with them. The relationship that will be built becomes important, especially in crucial times and when issues arise.

Government Relations

Some firms need to have good rapport and keep communication lines open with certain government agencies, especially if their business is under the regulatory supervision of these offices.

GovRelSome want to establish links with officials for image-building or to simply gain marketing prominence by making them indirect endorsers of their company or its products and services.

Others want to partner with government to pursue initiatives towards community development and realize programs to demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

Relations with Government can also be for policy development, promote cooperation and generate collaboration with other stakeholders over societal obligations and some public advocacy.

We will serve as your liaison to and conduit with government.

Community Relations

ComRelThere are companies, especially manufacturers and property developers, that need to build rapport with the community to generate patronage of their products or services.

There are also those that desire – either to accomplish statutory requirements or genuinely profit with honor – to help host communities and certain sectors-in-need through social development programs.

These may be pursued through civic-oriented activities or efforts directed at addressing actual community concerns – environment, utility services, livelihood, living, etc. – or events for amusement.

We will prepare and plan with your entrusted staff, organize and facilitate the realization of the community-oriented programs you would want to be realized, especially if these need to be sustainable.

Industrial • Business Relations

IndustryRelations“No man is and island” also applies among competitors. They share common interests that compel them to co-exist and collaborate.

Companies and organizations in a community also find higher and wider causes that they need to cooperate for common interests.

The workplace is also an arena for Industrial Relations. The stakeholders – employers, employees, society and government – differ in perspectives but need to open communication lines for dialog to address any conflict and achieve better productivity.

We will help you achieve synergy with your stakeholders, and may represent and work for your organization in any dialog and initiatives for cooperation and collaboration.

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