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Social Engineering

Social Development & Management

Social DevSome industries are required by law to undertake community development programs, while there are those that pursue them for tax credits, and others out of corporate social responsibility.

Yet, most assume what’s best for the community. It can be due to limited resources or simply being a trend that others do. They do without taking into consideration if the projects would truly touch people’s lives and create impact on their daily living.

We will facilitate the development of your community-oriented program through careful needs assessment that we will validate through consultation with project partners on the ground and the beneficiaries, overtly or anonymously.

We could further organize and orchestrate for you the realization of the projects being line-up, if needed in collaboration with community partners and the local government; then generate feedback for evaluation and improvement.

Community Organizing

ComOrgCommunities may need to be organized, especially if you need an entity to serve as conduit for social development projects. It may also be to pursue certain advocacy, or promote some causes social or political.

In your behalf, we will touch base with these communities and organize the residents, provide them with training and tools to become independent and be empowered and cohesive, and facilitate for their registrat xon as a legitimate entity (if needed).

We can further continue to serve as your Ambassadors to continually coordinate and work with the organized communities to realize and implement your social development programs.

Advocacy Campaigns

AdvocacyThere are causes worthy to promote if these bring about positive changes in the communities. These public issues may include social, health and environmental concerns, community discipline, and special causes for better livability and living in harmony.

We will plan and organize for you the advocacies you want to pursue, connect with partners and other stakeholders, and monitor the progress of the campaign for further improvement.

Campaigns Organizing

CampOrgWhether for a cause, an advocacy or for political ends, campaigns need to be organized and the people in these structured groups empowered (not necessarily with funds but) with logistics and tools to expand the drive in geometric proportions.

We will plan, organize, implement, monitor and continually evaluate the campaign for you.


VolunteerismPeople get involved if it answers their “what’s in it for me” question, unless they get to appreciate as well as value and further own the cause you want to sell, promote and be realized.

With community organizing for advocacy campaigns, we will plan, help you organize with and empower the communities, to promote and keep their involvement, and to some degree uphold Bayanihan

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